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0003057The Dark ModCodingpublic26.03.2013 04:08
ReporterAluminumHaste Assigned Totaaaki  
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
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Target VersionTDM 1.08Fixed in VersionTDM 1.08 
Summary0003057: Deleting FM folder of installed mission causes DarkMod to break/crash
DescriptionI deleted a mission in the darkmod\fms folder that was currently installed in DarkMod. I then started up DarkMod and went to install a new mission. I noticed that the Uninstall Mission option was available. I clicked Uninstall Mission and DarkMod restarted.
I get the ID logo and the darkmod menu music playing but the screen is black, and console is showing obivous warnings that it couldn't find fonts and guis etc.
I can't get it working now. currentfm.txt is blank. I typed in "thieves" in the currentfm.txt and DarkMod loaded up the Thieves mission and main menu is working again.
I then properly uninstalled the mission and DarkMod is still working.
Steps To ReproduceInstall an FM.
Exit DarkMod.
Go to Darkmod\fms\ and delete the installed FM folder
Start TheDarkMod.exe and observe broken game.
Additional InformationI was only able to fix this because I had other missions in my FM folder that I could manually set in the currentfm.txt file. If I had none I would be out of luck.
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01.05.2012 15:25

reporter   ~0004506

Removing the contents of "currentfm.txt" seems to help, too, but then you lose all your config settings and have to re-install any FM to be able to save them again.


05.05.2012 15:40

viewer   ~0004540

Using the latest SVN, I followed the steps that lead to the crash, but TDM didn't crash. The main menu came up fine.

Can you reproduce this problem today?

If so, I want a list of all missions in fms and the name of the mission whose folder you delete to cause the crash.


09.05.2012 19:46

developer   ~0004559

It didn't crash for me either I don't know why this is listed as Crash. I just got the weird black screen with the darkmod menu music playing in the background.


02.06.2012 12:33

administrator   ~0004651

So is this still a problem or not?


02.06.2012 15:34

developer   ~0004652

When Grayman asked me to try it again on the 5th I did try it and it screwed up. But I just compiled newest source and now it no longer seems to be an issue. The main menu comes up just fine. Going to new mission however shows that nothing is installed, and when I press start mission the dark mod video shows and a blank parchement page is there with objectives at the bottom right. If I press Objectives I get a console window with errors.

This should be changed so that if there is anything missing from the installed FMs folder that are needed to make the map run, Darkmod should default to no installed mission state.


17.06.2012 16:34

administrator   ~0004667

Initial fix for this in Revision 5480. At the moment I just check if the directory is there, but in the future, we can look for other required files like either a pk4 or .map.

On that note, exactly which files are required to count a mission as available?


17.06.2012 17:10

developer   ~0004668

Well if there's a pk4 check for a map file inside. If no pk4 exists look for a map file in the /maps folder of installed fm?


20.09.2012 20:13

administrator   ~0004842

Additional fan mission checks add in darmod_src SVN rev. 5573. The startup code now checks for the existence of a .pk4 file in <fm folder>/ or .map file in <fm folder>/maps/

I did not go as far as confirming the name of the pk4 (the name of the pk4 file doesn't seem to affect the ability to load the mission) or map file and I did not verify the existence of a map file within the pk4, but this should be sufficient to avoid issues (hopefully). Can I mark issue 0003057 (after testing of the changes) or should I check the file names and existence of map file in the pk4?


21.09.2012 00:26

administrator   ~0004843

I don't think it's our job to check that there's a map file in the pk4.


21.09.2012 19:06

administrator   ~0004844

Sufficient checks added to guard against missing mission folders and/or map files.

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