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0003065The Dark ModCodingpublic19.04.2012 13:16
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Summary0003065: Need inculsive scripting for objects like needle gauges
Description Would be great to have some simple scripts to place on common objects so mappers don't have to script, find script, release script per object.
Additional Information Objects(entities) like gauge needles, clock hands could really use some scripts that the team/author could place on an entity and adjust in the entity params.

 ie: needle_twitch (0/5-10/20 degrees [0/5 being min values : 10/20 being min/max values for top end of bounce. the author can specify angles to which the needle would bounce in.]

 Possible a param so these can be spawned on a machine (I'm thinking about making a machine panel object with multiple gauges) and controlled by switches.

 ie: machine panel entity.
 attach_1 :gauge_needle_bounce entity
 attach_2: gauge_needle_steady entity

 create panel, create 2 switches, add to switch 1 :effect attach_1.

 So multiple switches can effect multiple spawned attachments on board.
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