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0003067The Dark ModCodingpublic05.05.2012 18:07
ReporterSpringheel Assigned Totels  
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Product VersionTDM 1.07 
Target VersionTDM 1.08Fixed in VersionTDM 1.08 
Summary0003067: Shadow comes on before light disappears
DescriptionWhen torches and candles go out, something weird happens. The torches suddenly cast a _huge_ shadow for a second. It's as if the flame you just extinguished is casting a shadow even though the particle is gone. It then blinks out

The candles also do something weird when extinguished. For a second there is a sliver of light on the wall which then disappears. Might be the same cause as the torch shadow.
Additional InformationAs for the shadow "pop", I think that can be mitigated by the code delaying turning on the shadow until the light has gone out
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22.03.2012 18:24

reporter   ~0004424

Just so this doesn't get forgotten:

The "delay the shadow until the light is off" is actually still a work-around in the form of "have a shadow only when unlit".

A much better solution would be if we could tag certain entities with "no self shadowing from attached lights" and then a light will simply not cast a shadow from any entities on the same bind team.

Right now, entities either cast a shadow from a light source (if the light source is shadow casting and the entity, too), or not, but they can't selectively have a shadow from light X, and not from light Y.

Implementing this in the engine might be complicated, or dead simple, but I don't have enough understandings of the innards to deduce if that would be possible. But having that ability would be a much cleaner solution, because then we could remove the entire shadow switching thing altogether.


20.04.2012 09:20

reporter   ~0004488

The light holder script was fixed with revision #12772 to toggle the shadow on with a delay of 100ms, but I cannot test this (TDM no longer runs on linux for me). Can somebody please report back?


21.04.2012 00:37

administrator   ~0004490

Last edited: 21.04.2012 00:38

Tried some candles in The candles without holders still cast shadows before the light went off. So did the candle in a bottle. But the candles in the typical holders seemed to be fixed.



22.04.2012 08:45

reporter   ~0004491

Could you make a very small testmap with just the three entities where one can observe the difference?

Technically, all use the same light holder script, so all should show the same behaviour.


22.04.2012 12:51

administrator   ~0004492

On more testing, it seems like the shadows on the candle holders are fixed. But the candles themselves still cast shadows if they're close enough to a wall to do so.


27.04.2012 01:24

administrator   ~0004497

It also appears that torches are still exhibiting the problem behaviour.


01.05.2012 14:04

reporter   ~0004505

I was wrong, the delayed shadow was only used in the script for the ligh entities itself, but not in the script for the light holders. Oops :)

This is now fixed, and should now work. If not, please re-open this bug report.


02.05.2012 01:16

administrator   ~0004513

Last edited: 02.05.2012 01:22

I tested torches and campfires, and the issue is still there. It might be for a slightly shorter period of time than before (hard to say).



02.05.2012 18:52

reporter   ~0004517

grayman says:

"I tried 200 and could still see the shadow.

Then I tried 400 and couldn't see it.

I tested a few different types of light holders and saw no issues dousing or lighting them.

Checked in, rev 12798."


05.05.2012 18:07

administrator   ~0004545

One issue is that now electric light shadows don't come on for half a second. Since electric lights turn off instantly, the delay in the shadow coming on is noticaeble. Given the choice, though, I'd rather have this problem than the other.

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