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0003078The Dark ModAIpublic20.02.2013 00:50
Reportergrayman Assigned Tograyman  
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Product VersionTDM 1.07 
Target VersionTDM 1.08Fixed in VersionTDM 1.08 
Summary0003078: AI are inconsistent when finding neutral bodies
DescriptionGiven a Builder guard (team 1) and a pagan (team 7, aka neutral).

If the two pass one another, the guard will no longer respond to the pagan's visibility stim afterward. Should the pagan die, the guard won't notice the body.

If the two don't meet before the pagan dies, the guard notices the body.

If the pagan leaves a blood marker, the guard will always notice it.

1 - guards shouldn't notice neutrals, dead or alive.

2 - guards shouldn't notice blood if it's near a neutral body, and should notice blood if it's by itself, because they can't tell whose it is.

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11.04.2012 00:29

administrator   ~0004458

Neutral dead bodies will no longer be noticed by the teams they’re neutral to.

Blood belonging to neutral bodies, and arrows sticking out of neutral bodies will now be ignored.

rev. 5379:



19.02.2013 17:22

administrator   ~0005083

"guards shouldn't notice neutrals, dead or alive."

Does this include greetings? We have specific greetings meant for beggars and pagans for some vocal sets.


19.02.2013 17:47

administrator   ~0005084

Yes, it includes greetings, but that's not my doing. The code was that way when I started looking at it more than 2 years ago.

The greeting code is roughly this:

if (enemy) then no greetings, since you'll be in combat in a moment.

otherwise, if (friend) then exchange greetings

otherwise, if (neutral) no greetings, and ignore them forever


19.02.2013 19:43

administrator   ~0005088

Huh. I didn't know that. We've got snide remarks for builders to greet pagans with, or nobles to greet beggars with, that aren't being used then.


19.02.2013 21:45

administrator   ~0005089

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There's already code to use the "snd_greeting_pagan" bark, but since pagans are neutral to everyone, it never gets run.

I can add the code to make that happen.



20.02.2013 00:50

administrator   ~0005090

I've made a new entry: 0003323

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