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0003090The Dark ModAIpublic15.12.2018 06:14
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Summary0003090: AI get stuck in corners when blocked by moveables
DescriptionPick up a crate and walk towards an AI and you can force him into a corner where he will get stuck there permanently. If the AI was in an alerted state when pushed into the corner, it will be stuck in that state.
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05.05.2012 16:22

administrator   ~0004541

Worth noting that this is because AI is pushed into monsterclip and can't pathfind out.


15.12.2018 06:14

developer   ~0010928

This is a pretty big exploit.

Recent replication:

1) Start Closemouthed Shadows
2) Spawn atdm:moveable_crate01
3) Wait until the first AI at the end of the hall is in the room on the left
4) Place the crate in the doorway
5) Alert the AI

You will see the AI scamper around aimlessly, unable to get past this crate.
The AI will treadmill against the crate, against walls, etc.

You can attack the AI at your leisure while these histrionics are happening.

I reproduced this in 2.07 and my old 2.04 build.

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