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0003094The Dark ModMappingpublic23.08.2012 21:03
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Product VersionTDM 1.07 
Target VersionTDM 1.08Fixed in VersionTDM 1.08 
Summary0003094: Prep St. Lucia for 1.08 release
DescriptionTo ensure new players have a good first experience, the team decided to bundle our highest-voted mission (originally our second alpha release) Tears of St. Lucia into the mod download. The map has been updated to take advantage of all 1.08 updates.

Changelog: [significant spoilers removed]

* added more grime decals, props and skins to just about everywhere
* opened up some barricaded rooms in first tavern to add a little more interest
* modified the lights in numerous places for both gameplay and asethetic reasons (...
* added some ambient AI to city section
* added city noises to city section
* replaced beggar with actual beggar character--added 'seated warm hands' animation to give him something to do.
* replaced confusing church armoury (swords and bows for builders?) with a small scriptorum.
* made crypt door an actual working door
* replaced the crates and barrels in closets (too big to fit through the door) near kitchen with shelves of kitchen supplies
* replaced the stone block ceilings with wood textures
* created patch steps for the front of the church so they look older and rougher...used some patches to fancy-up the front doors a bit and make them look more church-like
* added some patches to church yard so ground wasn't so flat
* added a few chests and other lockpicking opportunities (lockpicking wasn't working when St. Lucia was first made)
* added suspicious flags to several doors and lights, and a couple pieces of loot.
* added a few precarious movables (objects sitting on the edge of ledges, easy to bump off) both for gameplay interest (they fall and make noise if you knock them over) and to ...
* finished rigging new builder acolyte character to add to scriptorum
* added more readables with flavour text and setting info
* added variety to the door sounds so they're not all the same
* adjusted AI patrols to include some RITs (random, interesting things)
* added more variety to existing AI (more varied heads, some lesser guards, etc)
* added a few blocked passages in sewer section to give illusion of vast network
* new builder vocal set which will replace the incomplete set 0000002
* add some extra things on highest difficulty level (lantern to ..., more suspicious lights, etc)
* fix broken objective

Additional InformationStill to do:

What I'll pass to others to do:
* Make translatable (tels)

* test all visportals for internal leaks (last thing)
* test all monsterclip

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20.04.2012 09:26

reporter   ~0004489

Automatic conversion done and link posted to forum.

Things to do:

* convert briefing images to text
* create shaders for in-game maps (and draw maps in other languages)


24.05.2012 13:24

administrator   ~0004623

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I'm going to start the final testing and prep the mission for beta-testing on May 27th. Any translation stuff not done before then will have to wait for the next update.



28.05.2012 11:08

reporter   ~0004638

Sorry, I didn't see this note before now.

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