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0000031The Dark ModCodingpublic02.06.2008 13:39
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Summary0000031: Can mantle up slopes

It's possible to mantle up slopes that cannot be traversed with running or walking, by simply holding down the mantle key continuously.
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06.11.2007 03:19

reporter   ~0000830

Last edited: 06.11.2007 03:19

This is still a problem. For repro, go to, to the L-shaped largest building near the middle of the city. Noclip up to the roof, and drop yourself with enough room to act before falling to the street. Before you fall, start spamming the mantle key (_impulse24). You can go right up this very steep incline by doing this.

Jump mantle seems to be handled, because it is limited to one action per certain amount of time (during which you slide back down).



26.12.2007 04:57

reporter   ~0000938

Attempted fix now in code SVN, though updated PK4 is not yet uploaded to main repository. See

Please test extensively before closing. We should also decide on a final value for the cvar pm_mantle_minflatness.


29.04.2008 15:50

reporter   ~0001175

This appears to still be an issue. Here's a movie showing use of a spammed mantle key to get up a very steep slope in test/mantle:


02.06.2008 02:07

reporter   ~0001227

I have set pm_mantle_minflatness to 0.707 (in the player's def file, and I also changed the default in code). This makes it impossible to mantle onto slopes steeper than 45 degrees (previous setting, 0.5, allowed you to mantle onto slopes less steep than 60 degrees). I believe this resolves the issue, since I believe 45 degrees is the steepest walkable slope for the player.

With this setting, I can't mantle onto any of the sloped ledges at the back of test/ except for the ones I can walk on; conversely, if I can walk on a slope then I can mantle it.


02.06.2008 13:39

reporter   ~0001232

Looks good.

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