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0003140The Dark ModAIpublic25.03.2013 17:13
ReporterSpringheel Assigned Tograyman  
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Product VersionTDM 1.08 
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Summary0003140: Use "taking fire" soundshader when AI hit by arrows

I've been trying to think of other vocal barks that we might want for our AI, and I noticed that the Thief AI had barks for when they were getting shot at by the player...things like, "Someone's sniping from the shadows!"

Right now AI just play pain barks when they get shot by an arrow and can't see the player, and then play their regular search barks, which often seem a bit understated.

Watching an AI get hit by an arrow in the head and then casually comment, "I'm getting tired of this game," is not very satisfying.

I'm imagining this being used whenever an AI gets hit by an arrow and can't locate the source. The pain bark would come first, and then "snd_taking_fire".
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25.03.2013 15:30

administrator   ~0005238

I've changed the pain design somewhat, allowing for pain-specific barks like "snd_taking_fire".

So if you want to add a bark for getting hit by a sword when not in combat, we can do that.


25.03.2013 17:13

administrator   ~0005239

1. Check critical health at the start of each cycle of a combat sequence. Flee if necessary.

2. Change pain handling to allow different barks after playing the pain anim and barking the pain sound. This lets an AI in pain use the “snd_taking_fire” bark if hit by an arrow.

3. Stop checking for pain in the scripts and interrupting an anim to play the pain anim. All control now moves to the DLL, where the sequence of events can be managed better. This allows for special barks and fleeing if necessary.

4. Increase the possibility of a warning getting through to an AI from a fleeing AI.

5. Disallow greetings when one AI is fleeing.

6. Go to Pain State at any alert level, not just when relaxed. This lets searching AI take an arrow hit, cry in pain, cry the “snd_taking_fire” bark, and flee if they want.

7. Clear an AI’s message queue at the end of sound propagation, whether the associated message was received or not. If a bark was associated with a message (warning, send help, etc.) and the bark propagation didn’t reach anyone, messages were backing up, causing all backed-up messages to be processed in the same frame later when a bark finally did make it through.

8. Allow the “yell” sound to reach friendly ears. For some unknown reason, this was disallowed, keeping friendly AI from reacting to certain sounds.

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