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0000032The Dark ModAIpublic30.04.2008 14:45
ReporterSneaksieDave Assigned Toangua  
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Fixed in VersionSVN 
Summary0000032: Loss of arm animation after wound (or alert?)

Reproduction of this is not exactly clear yet, but it seems to happen after going alert or getting wounded. And, it happens often enough that it's easy to see. On loading warehouse 2 times and test_walk_ik once, I've had it happen each time.

See the attached movie. After putting an arrow in his back, the city guard loses his upper body (or at least the arms) animation; they're as if tied to his body, while he still walks, twists, and looks around.

His sword keeps intermittently popping out and vanishing too - maybe related?
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20.04.2008 19:32

manager   ~0001149

Haven't seen this since rewriting the AI code, so I'd call this fixed.


30.04.2008 14:45

reporter   ~0001178

Looks good; will mention if I come across it again.

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