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0003208The Dark ModTDM Updaterpublic24.08.2012 15:36
Reportertels Assigned Tograyman  
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Target VersionTDM 1.08Fixed in VersionTDM 1.08 
Summary0003208: tdm_updater builds wrong paths, fails to download from
DescriptionIf you enter as the only mirror in tdm_mirrors.txt and start tdm_updater.linux --keep-mirrors, the result is this:

TDM Updater v0.58 (c) 2009-2012 by tels & greebo. Part of The Dark Mod (

 Cleaning up previous update session...
 Downloading mirror information...
 Skipped downloading mirrors.
   Found 1 mirror.
 Downloading CRC file...
 Downloading from Mirror crc_info.txt
 [=========================] 100.0% at 0 bytes/sec
 Downloading version info file...
 Downloading from Mirror tdm_version_info.txt
 [=========================] 100.0% at 0 bytes/sec
 Done downloading versions.
 Trying to match local files to version definitions...
 [=========================] 100.0% File:
 Done comparing local files: no luck, PK4 files do not match.
 Comparing local files to server definitions...
 [=========================] 100.0% File:
 Done comparing local files to server definitions.
 Your TDM installation is up to date

Afterwards, there are not real files.
Additional InformationThe log says this:

Picking mirror
Downloading to temporary file /home/te/test/darkmod/__crc_info.txt
Initiating Download from /crc_info.txt
Download successful: /crc_info.txt
Downloaded file passed the integrity checks.
Moved /home/te/test/darkmod/__crc_info.txt to /home/te/test/darkmod/crc_info.txt
Could not fully parse the INI file.
Step thread finished: 3
Step thread started: 4

Looking at the paths, trying to retrieve " /crc_info.txt" will fail, as this file is non-existant. It seems the updater somehow ends up with a space in the URL, and then appends "/" and then the file it wants.

The fix consists of deleting the additional space in the URL in mirrors.txt, but it would be good if the updater could remove any spaces before/after the URL automatically. Otherwise, some of the mirrors might fail, which only some users see.
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24.08.2012 14:18

administrator   ~0004779

Was the tdm_mirrors.txt version with the extra bloodgate space already distributed?


24.08.2012 14:48

reporter   ~0004780

Yes, I think the current file has the space already in it (I just edited it and commented everything except out).

There was a thread where someone reported that all mirrors work except

Even if not yet distributed, users might modify their file locally for testing and run into this issue and the solution is not apparent from the error occuring at all.


24.08.2012 15:27

administrator   ~0004781

I added a line in tdm_update to remove all spaces in the url.

I used it to update an empty folder to 1.07 using a mirrors file with bloodgate being the only entry, and with that entry having a trailing space.

It worked fine.

I checked in a new tdm_mirrors.txt with the space removed.

Any 1.08 update attempt will first get the list of mirrors from, which will bring in the corrected bloodgate entry, so even w/o the fix to this issue, it would work okay.

The issue fix becomes important if someone asks tdm_update to NOT update the list of mirrors, which allows the bad bloodgate entry to be read.


24.08.2012 15:36

administrator   ~0004782

Added a line to remove all spaces from a tdm_mirrors.txt entry that accidently has one (i.e. bloodgate).

rev. 5534:


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