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Summary0003215: BinaryFrobMovers need a "moving" sound
DescriptionCurrently BinaryFrobMovers (doors, buttons etc.) only play a sound when they start closing (and have been opened fully) and when they open (and have been closed fully).

This works for movers that move only a bit (like buttons), or doors that open/close completely.

It fails to produce accurate sounds for doors that either move a long time (think 10 seconds), or doors that get stopped (they don't play any sound when getting blocked, nor when they start moving again).

Just using sound files that "loop" for a predetermined time is not a full workaround because:

* if you change the time_move of a door, you'd need to edit the sound files again
* If the door is (adjusted via script f.i.) to have different closing and opening times, than the you'd need different sounds
* and last but not least the sound would play fully even when the door is stopped midway through

Additional InformationThe idea is to add "snd_moving" and play that sound after snd_start and snd_close have finished and while the door is still moving.

Likewise playing "snd_blocked" when the door encounters something that blocks it.
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07.09.2012 22:38

administrator   ~0004804

We already have "snd_move" and it works fine.

Do we need more than that?

"snd_blocked" would be new.


09.09.2012 07:39

reporter   ~0004816

Hm, the doc on func_mover says:

"editor_snd snd_move" "sound to play when movement starts. Played on SND_CHANNEL_BODY & SND_CHANNEL_BODY2."

However, on elevator is says:

"editor_snd snd_move" "sound to play when elevator is moving."

The first one is useless (it would play the same sound no matter how far it moves), the second one (restarting the sound as long as it moves) would be what I need.

So it seems it exists, but the doc is unclear. I have to experiment with this and then udpate the doc (if it works), or the code (if it doesn't).

I'll take care of snd_blocked (or snd_collide?) at the same time.

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