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0003227The Dark ModDistributionpublic25.03.2013 15:26
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Product VersionTDM 1.08 
Summary0003227: Remove Mac OSX support
DescriptionDue to no longer being able to build TDM for the Mac, we need to remove OSX-specific files from the distribution.
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17.09.2012 15:37

reporter   ~0004835

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Hi guys. Thanks for your efforts on TDM!

Could someone please point out why TDM will no longer be able to build under Mac OS X? As a software developer I'm willing to spend some time on this...

Thanks in advance!

ps: i have some experience of building from sources Doom3 + previous TDM on Linux and Mac OS X.



17.09.2012 17:51

administrator   ~0004837

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Basically, it boils down to me not having time (or mainly motivation) to stand through the process that is required to get TDM compiling in OSX. I only have a crappy single-core VM running OSX 10.6, and it takes ages to get everything compiled.

We do have Xcode projects set up, the ones I updated in December 2011. These were compiling back then, but I was unable to test the executables since the VM cannot run the game (it just hangs).

Currently there is an openGL incompatibility error, which might be due to the 10.4 SDK not being present on grayman's Mac. Short story: if you have experience and are actually willing to do some work on Mac support, you might want to sign up on the forums. Open a thread in the "I want to help" section and get things rolling from there.



17.09.2012 19:40

administrator   ~0004838

Another factor is that I asked on the forums who was playing TDM on a Mac and only got one response.

IMHO, it isn't worth the time and aggravation to build and test an OSX TDM for a customer base of one.


18.09.2012 02:08

reporter   ~0004839

Thanks for your quick responses.

I can understand the grayman's point of view, but here i am - willing to run tdm natively on osx and fix it if needed.
Please, don't clean up the OSX-related parts just because of a small apparent customer base right now. I would say that the presence of some basis makes it more accessible for interested people to contribute the osx support for the benefit of the project.


16.10.2012 15:20

administrator   ~0004920

malex is working on the Mac build.

This will be shipped post-1.08, after we've had some test time on it.

At that time, I will revert the changes I made to exclude Mac files from 1.08.


16.03.2013 19:37

administrator   ~0005197

We appear to be headed toward providing an OSX version, so I'm suspending this issue.

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