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0000324DarkRadiantDesign/Codingpublic24.06.2007 16:58
ReporterSneaksieDave Assigned Togreebo  
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Product Version0.9.2 
Fixed in Version0.9.2 
Summary0000324: Request for manual function to sift to texture in Media tab from Textures tab
DescriptionThis in with regard to:

I wrote this up on the forum originally, but it's better here, because most people probably just skip it anyway. Here is a breakdown of current behavior on the two tabs (media and textures):

1. a click in media copies the selection to clipboard. This is a Good Thing.
2. a click in media opens the texture in the texture tab if it's not already. This is a Good Thing.
3. a click in media doesn't apply to brush; that is achieved with hotkey or RMB. This is a Very Good Thing.
4. a click of a texture in texture tab applies it to brush if one is selected. Having different methods is definitely useful; this is a Good Thing.
5. a click of a texture in texture tab [i]does not[/i] copy it into clipboard. There are in fact times you would not want it to. While this is good, the ability to do so if you DO want it is missing.
6. a click of a texture in texture tab [i]does not[/i] seek to it in media tab. While this is good (there are times you wouldn't want it to), the ability to do so if you DO want it is missing.

So, I suggest it be a new manual function the user can perform.

In the Textures tab, RMB a texture.

RMB -> Seek texture in Media Tab/Copy to clipboard

It selects the texture in the media tab and copies it to clipboard.

This way everything else stays the way it currently behaves. Any perks resulting from current behavior are not lost; it's a new, manual feature. And, now the user can use the Texture tab and Media tab in a more interchangable manner, and do lookups for texture families easier (for instance, when loading someone else's map and trying to find textures).
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23.06.2007 20:19

administrator   ~0000717

Added context menu to TextureBrowser: "Seek in MediaBrowser"


24.06.2007 16:58

reporter   ~0000721


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