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0003243DarkRadiantDesign/Codingpublic27.08.2013 14:32
ReporterSTiFU Assigned ToSTiFU  
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Product Version1.8.0 
Target Version1.8.0Fixed in Version1.8.0 
Summary0003243: Readable Editor creates XData file duplicates in certain cases
DescriptionBefore saving XData in a certain file, the Readable Editor does not check whether that file already exists in another searchpath of the Virtual File System and creates a duplicate for that reason.
Steps To ReproduceFor example, if you setup the RE to store xdata in the mod/xdata directory and a file with the same filename already exists in the mod_base/xdata directory, the RE just doesn't care and creates said file in the mod/xdata directory. Neither TDM nor DR will be able to load both files now.
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06.10.2012 14:58

developer   ~0004859

Fixed in b1231ab74d9e798a16a45d792a9eb11beb864f1a as soon as I get write-access to our GitHub Repository.

RE will now search the VFS for the filename. If it can't find it, we're good. If it does find it, there are two cases:
1. It is the same as our target filename: We just add our definition to the existing file.
2. It is not the same as our target filename: The file exists in another searchpath and RE would create a duplicate if we continued here. So we add an increasing number to the targetfilename until on of the upper cases is reached.


06.10.2012 18:27

administrator   ~0004861


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