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0003256DarkRadiantMap Editingpublic21.03.2018 10:50
Reporteruser81Assigned Touser81 
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PlatformWin32OSWindowsOS Version7 sp1
Fixed in Version2.5.0 
Summary0003256: DR 1.8.0: slow/freezes when re-loading maps, textures ro filters.
DescriptionSince upgrading the DR 1.8.0pre myself and Grayman have been putting up with productivity sapping slowness. See the forim thread -


Steps To ReproduceOpen a medium to large map, then try to reload the shaders, DR becomes unresponsive and you sit there for a few minutes waiting. The same thing happens occasionally if you try to reload the same map

Grayman is also having the same issue when turning filters on/off.
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11.01.2013 09:36


Will see if the latest version 1.7.3 of DR uploaded by Orbweaver suffers from this issue.


27.08.2013 12:27

administrator   ~0006089

Does this issue still exist?


13.10.2013 16:14


As of the 1.8.0 release, yes the issue is still present.


27.11.2013 16:42

viewer   ~0006279

Toggling filters becomes verrrrrry slow after asking to see the list of entities in the map. Requires a restart because you become reluctant to turn filters on and off.


27.11.2013 18:48

administrator   ~0006283

The filters issue I was able to reproduce easily (is tracked in 0003619), but I can't reproduce the Reload Materials issue, even in large-scale maps. It takes a bit, of course, but far from minutes.


28.11.2013 15:12

viewer   ~0006289

Last edited: 28.11.2013 15:15

I started a fresh copy of DR last night, and it took 7 seconds to switch back and forth between large maps. I made 10 such switches right away with no increase in load time.

I left DR open overnight and went back to check this morning. The first load, from a tiny test map to a large map, took 1:52 (min:sec), and an immediate switch from the large map to another large map took 4:25.

Even though these are not long times, they're way off the expected 7s. When I see that DR is taking more than 30s to switch to a new map, I leave it and start a fresh copy of DR and continue my work there. Later, I come back to the original copy, which has finished loading by then, and kill it.

The only time I'm unable to use this process (start new DR and kill old one) is when I need to copy something from one map to another. That's when it gets really bothersome to wait.

I'm working on Win 7 with 12gB of memory and 8 processors.

Edit: the message on the screen while waiting for a load to complete is:

Processing... Loading textures ...



28.11.2013 16:06

administrator   ~0006291

Is it necessary to leave the instance open over the whole night? Do the symptoms appear without that long pause?


28.11.2013 17:17

viewer   ~0006293

When mapping, I typically open DR in the morning and don't shut it down until late at night, which means a 12+ hour session. (With breaks, of course.)

The next time I'm settling in for a long session, I'll keep a log of how long DR's been running when I do map switches, and how long each map switch took.


09.03.2014 17:50


@Gman, how did the 12hr test go..? As this is still an issue.

Just open a map froma fresh start of DR and then loaded the same map and it sat there for a few minutes stuck on "loading textures"


09.03.2014 18:01

viewer   ~0006426

I have gotten so used to working around this problem (always restart DR when switching maps) that I have no new information to pass along.


21.03.2018 10:50


This tracker is ancient and was fixed several version ago.


21.03.2018 10:50


See last note.

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