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0003258The Dark ModCodingpublic04.05.2013 01:05
ReporterSpringheel Assigned Tograyman  
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Product VersionTDM 2.00 
Target VersionTDM 2.00Fixed in VersionTDM 2.00 
Summary0003258: Stealth score doesn't include arrow alerts?
DescriptionIn ProfessorPaul's LP of In the North, he shoots several broadheads, which sends nearby guards into agitated searching. Yet at the end his stealth score was 1...that alert wasn't tracked.
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02.11.2012 21:25

administrator   ~0004930

Perhaps something bigger is broken?

"Isn't it a bit strange that the stealth score was only 6? A guard saw me. I got hit twice with a sword and then I managed to escape and the whole manor was alerted and everyone took wielded arms?"


02.05.2013 04:23

administrator   ~0005353

I fixed the problem of the stealth score ignoring broadheads.

I tried a few other arrows. A rope arrow impact that doesn't leave a rope (the arrow breaks) acts just like a broken broadhead, and that adds to the stealth score, so that seems correct.

But I have a question about the noisemaker. Currently it does not affect the stealth score, even though it alerts the AI and makes them search. This seems reasonable, because the player can use this arrow to divert attention (a good thing), so it doesn't seem fair to bump the stealth score when it's used.

Comments on that?


03.05.2013 21:57

administrator   ~0005355

Huh. Not sure how I feel about that one. Might be good to get some public feedback.


04.05.2013 01:03

administrator   ~0005361

The actor responsible for firing the arrow needed to be recorded in the projectile result, which could then tell the AI alert code, which could then tell mission statistics.

Rev. 5748:


Tested with


04.05.2013 01:05

administrator   ~0005362

Since my noisemaker question is now on the forums, I'm resolving this one, so my code changes don't sit around too long.

If the forum question results in noisemakers needing to be counted in the stealth score, I'll create a separate issue just for that.

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