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0003275The Dark ModModelspublic08.07.2013 20:03
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Summary0003275: Character models to revisit
DescriptionThe noblewoman uses legs from D3...replace with our version.

The wench could use some readjustment in the torso area, and the neck needs to be revisited. Perhaps there is some better way to hide the seam (thin necklace?)

The beggar uses arms and legs from D3. Will need replacing. Tunic might be okay, but cowl should be updated with modified priest version.

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15.01.2013 17:27

administrator   ~0005013

-- check legs; replace with wench if needed
-- check weighting of elbows
-- make sure there are multiple heads set up to mesh with neck

-- replace arms and legs
-- use new uv torso with ragged tunic skin
-- dark dirty overlay
-- ragged cowl based on priest mesh
-- simple foot wraps

-- remodel corset
-- add proper shoes
-- arm/hand seam
-- lower neck seam and use simple necklace
-- modify wench heads to fit (test md5mesh hair attachment)

-- use beggar cowl and rope belt
-- model new torso and shoulders
-- wench heads with dirt overlay and dark hair (depending on neck seam)
-- ragged dress skin


08.02.2013 14:39

administrator   ~0005055

The necessary changes to go standalone are now complete. Wench/waif has not yet been done but isn't necessary for 1.09.

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