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0000033The Dark ModAIpublic30.01.2023 05:04
ReporterSneaksieDave Assigned ToSneaksieDave  
Status closedResolutionfixed 
Summary0000033: test defect
DescriptionIn an attempt to determine defect resolution flow, I was going to assign this to myself and then try to close it (a no-no), but it seems I can only assign it to a developer.

Mainly, I want to see the steps it goes through.

New -> assigned -> ??? (fixed) -> (back to originator) verified/closed

If Fixed closes it, then it's the wrong step.

so unless someone with developer status wants to play along and help me out here...
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26.01.2007 03:44

reporter   ~0000008

I've fixed it!


26.01.2007 03:45

reporter   ~0000009


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DarkRadiant: master 8098f47a

30.01.2023 05:04


Committer: GitHub

Details Diff
0006248: Merge pull request 0000033 from chalonverse/renderarrow-fix

Fix RenderableArrow not drawing the tip correctly for arbitrary rotations
Affected Issues
0000033, 0006248
mod - radiantcore/entity/RenderableArrow.cpp Diff File

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