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0003301The Dark ModSoundpublic01.04.2013 15:46
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Summary0003301: AI's vocal sets do not have appropriate responses for AI on AI melee situations
DescriptionAI's vocal sets are always directed at the player in the case of combat situations (including alarm, melee and post-fight routines); this results in out of place barks when an AI is facing another AI (opposite teams), specially when the opponent is a supernatural creature (many of the random barks are completely out of place when non-humans are involved).

A simpler solution that wouldn't require new voice work would be (quoting RPGista and Springheel, from this forum topic ):

"A soundshader dedicated to (AI vs AI situations) in which all the inappropriate barks are excluded (keeping things like generic "Yaaahh!" sounds in there), for each vocal set."


"I don't think the answer is a separate terrified vocal set; just some additional vocal defs. Probably wouldn't even require recording new lines.

"to combat, generic enemy" At the moment all our combat barks are targetted at the player, but we could separate out the generic ones and use them whenever the AI is fighting another AI.

Probably would also need generic "combat winning" and "combat, losing" ones for monsters...would be kind of silly if someone said, "He can't even fight." to a zombie."
Steps To ReproduceObservable in any duel between AI in different teams.
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related to 0003343 resolvedgrayman Human AIs don't see monsters 




28.03.2013 13:26

administrator   ~0005253

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Wrt monsters and undead, I created *_monster barks for all humans. For example:

snd_to_combat - original bark set
snd_to_combat_monster - a copy of snd_to_combat minus references to humans, thiefs, etc.

The additions were extensive, and might provide what this issue needed.

Many of the bark sets didn't need changes, because they included no human-specific references.

Just look for any barks that end in *_monster.

I added code to differentiate between human and monster opponents and play the correct bark.

See issue 0003343.



28.03.2013 21:52

administrator   ~0005259

Maybe it would make sense to use the snd_to_combat_monster bark for any non-player adversary?


29.03.2013 00:32

administrator   ~0005260

I assume you're suggesting the same for all the "_monster" barks.

The downside of the suggestion is that we'd lose any human-to-human barks when the AIs talk to each other. I omitted more than just the "thief" references. For example, "He's got a weapon!" is fine for a human opponent and the player, but not for monsters. If we use the _monster barks for human AI to human AI, we'd lose that bark and a number of others.

I'm not sure what we'd gain.


01.04.2013 11:39

administrator   ~0005275

My thinking was that AI vs AI combat is fairly rare (how often does it happen in the 60+ missions we already have?) so re-using the monster set, even at the cost of a few barks, might be more efficient than making yet another set.


01.04.2013 13:36

administrator   ~0005276

So what we'd need to do would be:

1 - rename "*_monster" to "*_AI"

2 - have the code use "*_AI" when dealing with an AI (monster or human)

3 - use the original sounds only when dealing with the player

The original sounds that I had made "*_monster" sets from are:



01.04.2013 13:49

administrator   ~0005277 know what, it probably is better to leave monsters separate; that way I could work monster-specific barks into future scripts.

Ok, so I'll create *_human versions for the five you listed above; first I'll just copy the vocals you've already used for the monsters, and if I get time before 2.0 I can go through and add any appropriate barks that were left out. Does that make sense?


01.04.2013 15:46

administrator   ~0005278

Sounds good.

Just let me know when you need code support.

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