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0000332DarkRadiantMap Editingpublic30.06.2009 19:56
ReporterSneaksieDave Assigned Togreebo  
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Product Version0.9.2 
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Summary0000332: Option to fix origin when resizing lights
DescriptionRaised by Komag:

Basically the desired action is that the origin is anchored/doesn't move, when resizing lights. Might be best as a preference, instead of discarding the current method as well.
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03.05.2008 18:50

reporter   ~0001192

Last edited: 04.05.2008 15:44

Well that was weird; I almost tracked this again, using almost the same words. Short memory, but consistent I guess.

Anyway, I run into this each and every time I place a light.

5 create light
10 position it (origin is not in correct spot)
20 resize (it's not the correct size); count++
30 If count > 100, end; else, goto 10

I'd personally put this at "highly desirable", if it's queuing up.

Edit: in fact (heh, I just hit it again) I can't really think of a reason this shouldn't be default/only behavior. When does a mapper want a light's origin moving out of their control, just because they resize? In fact, if they want the light/origin moved, they would simply grab it and move it. Resizing is a completely separate desire, in all cases I can think of.



09.05.2008 05:41

reporter   ~0001199

I agree, it should be default. But the other option might be best still available, for such things as parallel or ambient lighting, which is over an area and not necessarily centerend on anything (such as a real lamp/torch)

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