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0003346The Dark ModAIpublic15.03.2013 15:01
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Summary0003346: Zombies being killed too easily
DescriptionI can kill a zombie with 3 sword hits to the torso, about the same as a regular chain-wearing guard. Zombies have "undeadflesh" material, which is supposed to modify damage by .1, which is better than chainmail. They also have 150 hp, compared to the regular guard's 100. Something seems off.

  Zombies are supposed to be significantly more difficult than an average guard to kill in hand-to-hand combat (otherwise why bother with holy water).

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15.03.2013 14:54

administrator   ~0005188

My first hit to the zombie dropped him from 150 to 68. It might be classed a sneak attack since we were on the same team, but that still seems ridiculously high. That means I had to do 82 damage? With the .1 material modified, that would mean I did 820 damage? I highly doubt that.


15.03.2013 14:59

administrator   ~0005189

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Oops, problem solved. The material shaders for the new zombies were missing the "undeadflesh" description. It now takes six or seven hits, which feels about right.

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