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0003411The Dark ModCodingpublic13.05.2013 23:48
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Summary0003411: Common difficulty names are not translated
DescriptionIf an author uses hard-coded English strings for difficulty names, then these are not translated, even if we have them in our dictionary.

While it is not possible to fix every string, the difficulty names are known like weapons (short sword, blackjack) or common items (lantern, spy glass) and can be fixed with the reverse translation dictionary.

This will help international users even when a mission is not yet I18N ready.
Additional InformationTestmission is f.i. Dragons Claw, which has "Zombie", "Ghoul" and "Spirit", all of them appear in our dictionary. Other missions have the standard "Easy", "Medium", "Hard".
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13.05.2013 23:48

reporter   ~0005455

Added support for reverse-translation of difficulty names that are not the default names (these where already translated) with revision #5781.

Dragon's Claw and The Builder's Road now show correctly translated difficulty strings when the missions starts. Fixes possible other missions, too.

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