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0003423The Dark ModAIpublic03.06.2013 00:48
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Summary0003423: Idle barks during searches
DescriptionI've been feeling like the AI aren't reacting as they should, so while playing Sons of Baltona, I flashed my lamp on for half a second. An AI at the other end of the room said, "That certainly seemed like something," and came over without his sword drawn, looking around. Half a second later he gave an idle bark, "Time for a quick trip the kitchen after this," before finally finishing his search.

While it was somewhat fitting in this case, we probably don't want AI making idle barks during any level of alert.
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22.05.2013 22:38

administrator   ~0005494

Here are the idle barks per state:

Idle - "snd_drunk" if drunk, "snd_relaxed" if not
Alert Idle - "snd_alert_idle"
Observant - same as Idle or Alert Idle
Suspicious - same as Idle or Alert Idle
Agitated Searching - "snd_state4SeenEvidence" if evidence was seen, "snd_state4SeenNoEvidence" if not
Combat - none

I didn't find any snd_state2* or snd_state3* barks, so I guess the idle barks were meant to be used in Observant and Suspicious.

Our choices are:

1 - No repeated barks in state2 and state3
2 - Define state2 and state3 bark sets, perhaps from selections from state1 and state4


23.05.2013 00:41

administrator   ~0005497

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Traditionally # 1 has been true; barks are only made only when entering and leaving that state.



02.06.2013 03:21

administrator   ~0005505

After committing the changes for 0003424, I took a look at this one.

In a dark unlit room, ambient only, I flashed the lantern and a guard at the other end of the room got interested, and went right up to Agitated Searching.

He ran down to my end of the room and started searching. He never found me, stopped searching, muttered something about not finding anything, and went back to his start point.

I did this a few times with the same results.

I then tried Baltona, and one of the guards got up into Searching State, and came running over to poke around. He couldn't find me, uttered a rampdown bark along the lines of "Glad it was nothing", and went back to his post.

I did that a couple times, and never heard any idle barks.

So, with rev 13490, I'm unable to reproduce this.


02.06.2013 14:43

administrator   ~0005512

Aha! Saw this happen when a guard was in Searching State. He was walking toward me, sword not yet drawn, at alert level 10 or 11, and he said, "Ah. So that's what I was trying to remember."


03.06.2013 00:48

administrator   ~0005515

Clear comm tasks (repeated barking) when the Searching State is initialized and the alert level is rising.

Rev. 5802:


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