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0000343DarkRadiantGeneralpublic03.12.2008 21:38
ReporterFidcal Assigned Togreebo  
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Product Version0.9.2 
Target Version0.9.6Fixed in Version0.9.6 
Summary0000343: Some models not selected/shown in some situations when region and select inside used.
DescriptionIn some situations models do not show when Region is used. I'm uploading there's a book that if selected then View > Region > Set from selection is used it disappears. There is a window there too but this seems OK in this map but in another map it did the same. Also several such windows disappeared even when region was selected by all means. I think this is fairly easy to reproduce. Once set in a map then it always does it. Yet it does not seem to be just a specific model. Witness the window which gave me trouble in my real map yet here it seems OK. But the book failed in my real map and it fails here too. Here's a link to my posting on DM forums with an image of the windows not being selected. I can put that map up if needed...

I left the severity category as 'minor' as 'major' seemed too extreme but it is serious when trying to work in an area if some things are not shown - both if you need them but also if you don't notice. Also if moving/cloning a complex group and not being confident everything is included.
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duplicate of 0000242 closedgreebo some models disappear when switching on region 


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08.08.2007 07:52

administrator   ~0000731

Yes, this is a known issue: 0000242. Angua caught this some time ago. This will require some deeper refactoring of the regioning. It should be based on the scene::Instances instead of the scene::Nodes, as all instances of a model share a single node. Hide this node and all models are invisible.


18.03.2008 20:14

administrator   ~0001092

This should be resolved in the scenegraph branch. I will set this to resolved when the code is merged into the trunk.

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