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0003466The Dark ModDef / Setuppublic30.06.2013 21:42
ReporterSpringheel Assigned ToSpringheel  
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Product VersionTDM 2.00 
Summary0003466: Remove Persontype: Elite
DescriptionThere really shouldn't be a need for this persontype; only 2 AI types use this. Rank should handle any special behaviour, and it will cause problems for greetings.
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28.06.2013 18:37

administrator   ~0005610

Also, most characters will need specific "to_builder" greetings.


29.06.2013 01:03

administrator   ~0005613

When determining the response to a greeting, PERSONTYPE_ELITE, PERSONTYPE_NOBLE, and PERSONTYPE_PRIEST are considered equivalent.

If the responder is one of these, they bark "snd_response_positive".

If not, and the greeter is one of these, the responder barks "snd_response_positive_superior".

So I assume we'll simply remove PERSONTYPE_ELITE from that set.


29.06.2013 01:11

administrator   ~0005615

Yes. IIRC there's also something that checks rank, which should cover it.


29.06.2013 02:45

administrator   ~0005616

PERSONTYPE_ELITE is used if one or both AI have a rank of '0'.

What will ELITE be replaced with?


29.06.2013 11:46

administrator   ~0005617

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There were only two characters using it, and I've switched them to PROGUARD. The elite citywatch wasn't even using it.

I think the only characters with a rank of 0 are beggars. Which means they would use "snd_response_positive_superior" to anyone other than another beggar (since "snd_response_positive_superior" is used when the greeter's rank is higher than the responder's, IIRC).

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