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0003468The Dark ModAIpublic06.07.2013 02:20
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Product VersionTDM 2.00 
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Summary0003468: Zombies kneel while searching
DescriptionZombies use the same animations and search behaviour as other humanoids. I saw a zombie kneel down while searching for me, and it just felt wrong (oddly, I don't recall even seeing a revenant doing that).

Is there an easy way to turn this behaviour off? If not, I could replace the kneeling animation with something else.
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02.07.2013 16:49

administrator   ~0005623

I've added the following line to undead_zombie.def. That will eliminate the immediate problem for now.


05.07.2013 18:49

administrator   ~0005638

That's probably a good long-term solution.

The alternative, which requires a code change, is to add a new spawnarg:

"can_kneel" "1" - default
"can_kneel" "0" - don't kneel

And I have seen revenants kneel, so they should get the same treatment as zombies.


05.07.2013 19:19

administrator   ~0005639

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Does it bother you when revenants kneel? They're supposed to be intelligent, so I could see it making sense for them to do that. It just doesn't work with unintelligent creatures, like zombies, since the animation clearly looks like the creature is carefully examining the ground.



05.07.2013 19:20

administrator   ~0005640

If they're intelligent, then it's fine.

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