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0000354The Dark ModDesign/Codingpublic19.07.2011 22:20
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Summary0000354: Add min/max magnitude to responses system
DescriptionSuggest add min/max magnitude to responses system with a default to 'inactive' or something, ie, if no values or 0 for both then the response always works.
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19.07.2011 21:15

reporter   ~0003939

Is this still an open issue?


19.07.2011 22:20

updater   ~0003943

Yes but it seems not critical. At least nobody has appeared to need it yet.

Stims currently may have a magnitude. In Thief Dromed a matching response might be set to ignore a stim if that magnitude is not high enough or too high. In fact I'm not sure of the purpose of the stim magnitude unless it is tested by the response. Perhaps it is tested in the code, eg, a water arrow stim magnitude is perhaps not high enough to put out a huge fire?

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