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0003549The Dark ModAIpublic07.04.2014 19:42
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Summary0003549: Archer w/melee weapon always draws his bow first
DescriptionIf a dagger-equipped archer first spots the player when the player is w/in melee range, the archer draws his bow, yells, "There you are!", then puts his bow away and draws his dagger.

He should draw his dagger first.
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09.09.2013 21:11

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The archer draws his bow because he's arrived at Agitated Searching, but he has no enemy yet, so he doesn't know that the enemy is w/in melee range.

Once he arrives in Combat, a moment later, he sees the enemy, sees that he's in melee range, and switches from bow to dagger.

The only way to skip drawing the bow in Agitated Searching is to not have him draw his weapon right away. If he pauses, that pause would give him time to ascend to Combat w/o drawing a weapon. Once in Combat, he'll make the right choice.

This can be done by having Agitated Searching understand that the AI is headed to Combat. IIRC, AI can sometimes be sent to Combat w/o having an enemy (they get sent back down immediately when they arrive there with no enemy), so Agitated Searching's check can also tell if the AI is going to stay in Combat or not by checking if there's an enemy. I don't want to have him do any distance checking at this point; leave that to Combat to deal with. It's not as simple as just checking distance when determining which weapon to draw.



07.04.2014 19:42

administrator   ~0006513

Added code in AgitatedSearchingState to have the archer check how far he is from the alert when it’s time to draw his weapon. If w/in his melee range, he’ll draw his dagger.

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