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0003550The Dark ModFeature proposalpublic18.02.2019 17:27
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Summary0003550: Add uneven speed to swimming
DescriptionI noticed in Dishonored that the player moves forward in short bursts, as one naturally would when swimming. It felt really immersive, and I think it would be a good thing to add to our swimming if it's not too much work. I suspect it's no harder than setting a head-bob. The same principle would also work well for climbing.
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parent of 0004992 feedback Add swim burst sounds for various speeds and especially for underwater 
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17.09.2013 20:27

administrator   ~0006183

Note to self: Be sure that swimming in bursts provides the same rate of progress as smooth swimming. Existing maps shouldn't suffer from having to take longer to reach a goal, since some might have made the goal _just_ reachable with smooth swimming.


18.09.2013 00:25

administrator   ~0006184

Yes, definitely. Also, including some kind of movement sound to the 'bursts', like the sound of moving through the water, might be a nice touch.


28.11.2013 21:03

administrator   ~0006294

Changing the "swim" movement sound in the player.def doesn't seem to do anything.

Assuming that "swimming" is actually a form of flying:

"editor_float fly_offset" "Prefered fly height relative to the player's view"
    "editor_float fly_speed" "Speed to fly at."
    "editor_float fly_bob_strength" "How far flying creatures should bob."
    "editor_float fly_bob_vert" "Rate at which flying creatures bob up and down."
    "editor_float fly_bob_horz" "Rate at which flying creatures bob left and right."


12.03.2015 19:39

administrator   ~0007464

Maybe the speed doesn't need to come in bursts, but showing the arms might be a nice touch:


15.02.2019 00:22

developer   ~0011597

Rev. 7960 adds a subtle additive modulation of swimming speed. The degree and frequency of modulation can be altered via cvars:

Speed is modulated by adding a function consisting of these phases:
1) Sinosodial lead-in
2) max-speed plateau
3) Sinosodial lead-out
In my tests, this yielded quite a good "swimming" feeling.

Average speed is maintained (compared to disabled speed modulation) via an additive constant offset.

TODO: Check if we have any suitable sounds to play during every burst.


15.02.2019 10:26

developer   ~0011598

Rev. 7961 now plays a sound during each burst.

Content creators, please note the follow-up issue 0004992 for providing appropriate sounds. Everything related to sound should be discussed there.

In this tracker issue, please give feedback on the swimming animation. I have commited binaries for testing to the assets trunk, rev. 15628.


15.02.2019 20:51

administrator   ~0011600

I like it.

Good job.


15.02.2019 21:36

administrator   ~0011601

Wow, this feels really good!

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