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0003564The Dark ModGraphicspublic24.11.2017 16:43
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Product VersionTDM 2.00 
Summary0003564: Brief moment of clarity while sinking into murky swimmable water
DescriptionIf the player is on top of murky swimmable water and slowly descends into it, there's a transition from a clear above-water view to a murky underwater view. The murky overlay is applied too late, allowing a brief moment as the water level rises on the screen, uncovering a clear view of what's in the water. As the water level continues to rise, it reaches the point where the murky overlay is applied, snapping the underwater view from clear to murky.

The underwater murky gui needs to be applied earlier.
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06.07.2015 02:11

administrator   ~0007616

Separate the drawing of the underwater gui texture from the other underwater effects.

Apply the underwater gui texture when the eye gets close enough to the water surface to experience the clipping of the near Z plane.

Account for water that moves up and down (Training Mission).

Change the underwater guis so they accept a broadcast ‘y’ value for where to start painting the background overlay texture.

Rev. 6513:


Rev. 14334:

All the underwater gui files.


07.07.2015 01:10

administrator   ~0007617

Must also handle the case of leaning left and right. The underwater overlay remains parallel to the screen bottom, but the clipped water surface doesn't.


31.07.2015 21:23

administrator   ~0007682

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I'm reverting the changes I made for this. While the non-leaning solution was reasonably acceptable, I've been unable to complete a reasonably acceptable solution when the player is leaning. Came very close, but the code began to be filled with fudge factors due to not being able to get a precise solution based on the available math. (Another way to read this is that I simply got tired of working on it after a couple weeks of effort, and getting nowhere.)

While I believe the true solution is to have the renderer ignore the near plane cutoff and paint the water surface to the bottom of the screen when the player's eyes are slightly out of the water, this appears to be an untenable solution, and since I'm not familiar with the renderer, I won't be trying anything in that area myself.

I've saved a copy of my work if anyone wants to revisit this in the future.



16.09.2017 18:38

administrator   ~0009263

Maybe I'll get back to this someday. Not for 2.06.

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