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0003571DarkRadiantMap Editingpublic18.03.2022 16:19
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Product Version1.8.0 
Summary0003571: Angled brushes can warp and resize on move
Description(not sure who to assign this to? please modify accordingly)

The meat of this topic is within the "DR and its shifting planes" thread on the TDM forums. The original problem appears (by account) to be cleared up, but it seems an issue remains. Here's the jump in point:

In short it appears that when I brush is at an angle (can do it just by creating a cube and rotating it 45 deg then translating it a lot), the dimensions will change slightly, presumably by attempting to snap to the grid (or some other weird math going on).

If this is not an accurate assessment, someone please correct me!

Edit: also there appear to be some mitigating factors in the thread (using grid snap to name one).
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related to 0005922 acknowledged Brushe issues when working on angles (it added + 0.0001 on brush coordinates ) 



13.10.2013 16:11


This dosen't just affect angled brushes, any brushed based FS when moved enough will sustain vert point drift.


28.12.2013 19:04

administrator   ~0006328

I've got a one-line fix in the recent git commit ebaf62f583f9b2871e24ba2d78c99833e06ddbb2, which might be able to mitigate the precision loss when manipulating func_statics using the mouse.

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