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0000362The Dark ModPhysicspublic19.01.2021 19:11
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Summary0000362: Water does not slow down arrows
DescriptionCreate a large room, then either put in a water tank, or a water wall separating the room into two halves.

Shoot an arrow in the water and notice how it just flies as if the water wasn't there.
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29.04.2008 04:46

reporter   ~0001173

I tested this in test_water and it worked, water did slow down the arrows. How are you creating your water tanks? Is it a func_liquid with default viscosity? Probably a problem with the default viscosity/density settings.


04.05.2008 13:43

reporter   ~0001193

I cannot test this right now, will have a go next week.


06.10.2017 01:23

developer   ~0009408

Still an issue in 2.06.

Map test/water_speed

Shoot an arrow at the water with low murk.

Watch as it doesn't seems to slow down.

I'm not sure how much slower the water is supposed to make it though.

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