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Summary0003623: Add or enhance AI Teams with commonly scripted behaviors.

Many missions, including the No Honor Among Thieves campaign use AI with heavy scripting routines. New authors commonly ask for modified AI behaviors that require similar scripted sequences. As the AI in the mod has become more complex, less of this customization is necessary but there are still a few use cases where the default behavior can never meet the needs of mappers without breaking the mod. In such cases, it would be ideal to hard-code these behaviors to Teams in the SDK. Alternately (another tracker), it would be great to have an improved script virtual machine that performs JIT as Quake 3 did. Until such an advance is made, new AI Teams would come in handy. See also Obsttorte's "Hitman Style" scripts.
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related to 0003793 suspended Replace script interpreter with a JIT implementation 




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