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0003631The Dark ModAIpublic23.05.2014 23:21
ReporterAluminumHaste Assigned Tograyman  
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Platformx64OSWindowsOS Version7
Product VersionTDM 2.01 
Target VersionTDM 2.02Fixed in VersionTDM 2.02 
Summary0003631: Can't drag AI bodies via Head
DescriptionFrobbing the head doesn't work, you can frob the head joint but then you can't move the body with it. Frobbing any other part of the body (torso, leg, foot, arm etc.) allows you to move the bodies.
It's actually kind of hard to select the head instead of the torso so I've included a savegame. When you load it up, just frob the body on the ground don't look around etc.

Here's the savegame:
Mission download:

WS2 is ready for beta testing.

You will need to update your 2.00 darkmod folder to 2.01 to participate in this beta. You'll find instructions below.

You can pick up the PK4 here. Place it in darkmod/fms/ws2_homeagain/.

Then extract the savegame to the ws2_homeagain/savegames folder.
Steps To ReproduceKnock out or kill an AI, then try dragging them by their head. I can frob the head, but then the body doesn't move.
Additional InformationThis happened with 2 different AI, one was a builder guard, the other was a woman guard.
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02.01.2014 03:47

administrator   ~0006342

Did it fail in 2.00?

Since a workaround exists (frob the body), I don't see this as a compelling problem to fix in 2.01 if the problem existed in 2.00.

If something we did in 2.01 caused this bad behavior, then it should get fixed in 2.01.


17.04.2014 17:28

administrator   ~0006524

Is this still a problem?

The savegame isn't available.

I copied the female guard from Home Again to a new map, KO'ed her, and couldn't get her head to highlight by itself. The head and body always highlighted together, so frobbing her never failed.

I also have a Citywatch guard in that test map, and the same thing happened with him.

This is using SVN. I don't know of any frobbing changes we've made since 2.01, though.

Can I mark this as not being able to reproduce?


17.04.2014 18:09

developer   ~0006526

I'll try it tonight and see if I can reproduce.


18.04.2014 15:16

developer   ~0006530

I just tried this in Thief's Den and it is different now, when highlighting AI both head and body highlight together.

However, now I can't even select the head anymore. When I try, it always grabs the chest instead, which makes a lot of noise as the body flails around a lot.
If this is now normal, go ahead and close this off.


18.04.2014 16:11

administrator   ~0006531

I don't know if it's normal or not.

Are we supposed to be able to grab just the head?


21.04.2014 14:13

developer   ~0006542

I would like to, I often push unconscious AI under tables and shelves, and sometimes I have to put them feet first. Not being able to frob the head means sometimes it's impossible to get the AI all the way under the table/shelve etc.


21.04.2014 14:16

administrator   ~0006543

Let me rephrase that...

Were we ever able to grab just the head and it's something that no longer works?


21.04.2014 15:15

developer   ~0006544

Honestly I can't remember, I think so. I'll load up 1.08 and check.


21.04.2014 15:24

developer   ~0006545

Yes you could:


23.05.2014 03:28

administrator   ~0006619

Last edited: 23.05.2014 03:29

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When the head is frobbed, the code finds that it's attached to the body, and tells the grabber to grab the body, not the head. The 1.08 code is identical, so there have been no changes since 1.08.

Tomorrow I'll look at different heads to see if they behave differently depending on their attributes.

I'll also look at why arms and legs can be grabbed. Why don't they transfer the grabber to the body like the head does?



23.05.2014 23:14

administrator   ~0006620

Last edited: 23.05.2014 23:21

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Had to recognize the circumstances of the rare case when it appeared that you were grabbing the head, and force those circumstances every time you frob the head. This tricks the grabber into thinking you’re grabbing the torso somewhere near the neck, at an invalid joint. For some reason, the grabber thinks that’s okay, and it looks like you’re grabbing the head.

Fixed a problem where the joint number of a previous grab was left over and being used when you grabbed a different joint. Just needed some initialization.

Added code to highlight the head when grabbing a body (either by a body part or by the head).

Rev. 6014:


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