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0003656The Dark ModFeature proposalpublic28.03.2018 17:23
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Product VersionTDM 2.01 
Summary0003656: Civilian AI should return with guards after spotting player
DescriptionWe currently have two different kinds of barks that are unused. In TDS, when a civilian sees the player, they run to get a guard, and then bring the guard back to the last location they saw the player. If the player is visible, they play a "See, there he is!" bark. If not, they say their, "He was here a minute ago" bark.

We have barks for both those situations as well, but our AI stay at the flee marker after fleeing--they do not come back with the armed AI, so there is never an opportunity to use those barks.
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24.01.2014 00:19

administrator   ~0006355

This will require making the fleeing AI aware that guards are returning to the spot where the alert occurred, and having the AI trail along behind the guards.

We'll need a new task that takes over from the fleeing task, essentially stopping the flight.

Doable, but requires a fair amount of code.


28.03.2018 16:11


Dont the Ai go and get guards now?


28.03.2018 17:23

administrator   ~0010317

Needs further testing

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