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0003695DarkRadiantMap Editingpublic23.03.2014 02:35
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PlatformPCOSWindowsOS Version7 64bit Pro
Product Version1.8.0 
Summary0003695: Massive corruption of brushes when moving selected to the edge of the world
DescriptionWhen level is selected and moved closer to the edge of the worldspawn, a lot of brushes get corrupted and missing planes. After saving and loading the map, corrupted brushes are lost.

DR build of:
1.8.1 x64
Feb 12 2014

Screenshot is attached.
Steps To ReproduceMake a level around 0 0 0, select everything, zoom out, move selection to the farthest quadrant of the world. Move camera there and observe mess in 3D view.
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23.03.2014 01:10


corrupted_brushes.png (904,210 bytes)


23.03.2014 02:16

reporter   ~0006454

i bet the brushes that are deleted have atleast 1 face on an angle
DR will delet invaid brushes. this is good. when it was a user that caused it
but its probly DR causing the brushes to become faulty from moving them
there is a forum post about this. the work around was to use vertex mode when u want to move angled brushes.

even doom 3 editor has this precision error on angled brushes. its the nature of the map format. but doom3 edit probly does not delet them.


23.03.2014 02:22

reporter   ~0006455

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No, brushes aren't angled. They are standard straight angle brushes (proper parallelepipeds).

I also noticed if I move level by only 2 axes, nothing breaks, but as soon as I begin moving it along 3rd axis (for example I move it way off by X and Z, and then begin moving it by Y) - it breaks.



23.03.2014 02:31

reporter   ~0006456

so around your door ways, the brush work is not mitered?


23.03.2014 02:34

reporter   ~0006457

Hmm.. Yeah, it is mitered. Didn't think of that. The problem is that some mitered brushes get corrupted, and some don't.

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