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0003700The Dark ModPhysicspublic24.11.2017 16:36
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Product VersionTDM 2.01 
Summary0003700: Player and AI affect dangling rope differently
DescriptionWhen an AI bumps into a dangling rope, the rope swings for a few moments.

When the player bumps into a dangling rope, the rope doesn't start swinging.

It should.

If starting it swinging interferes with grabbing the rope and climbing, then "start swinging" must recognize that the player doesn't intend to climb the rope. Perhaps the Player origin must pass the rope origin horizontally to cause the swinging.
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26.03.2014 20:26

administrator   ~0006468

As long as it doesn't interfere with climbing, it would actually be positive if the rope swung when the player grabbed onto it to climb--it would give the player a sense of weight.


26.03.2014 21:27

administrator   ~0006469

Yeah, I noticed that in NuThief and was thinking of looking into it for us.

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