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0003707The Dark ModCodingpublic05.01.2019 18:59
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Product VersionTDM 2.01 
Summary0003707: Moving while crouched does not affect lightgem
DescriptionI noticed the other day that while walking in partial light, it was very easy to see that the LG was getting brighter when walking, and then dimmed immediately when I stopped moving.

However, in the same place, when I crouched and moved, there was no difference in the lightgem between walking and standing still.

Need to do some more tests to see if this is true at all light levels. Perhaps something in the math is not applying the movement penalty when crouched?
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18.06.2014 19:31

administrator   ~0006678

It seems like the darker the lightgem is, the less penalty there is for moving. In practical terms, once the lightgem is fairly dark, moving doesn't do anything.

This isn't ideal, because it's in low light that our eyes become most dependent on movement to detect things. However, changing it is a math issue that's beyond me.


03.09.2016 17:14

developer   ~0008299

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Perhaps "tdm_lg_crouch_modifier" "-2" is too strong. We should consider changing "cv_lg_crouch_modifier" to float instead of integer so fractional values like 1.5 can be applied.


returnValue += cv_lg_crouch_modifier.GetInteger();

change to

returnValue += cv_lg_crouch_modifier.GetFloat();

in Player.cpp



03.09.2016 22:20

developer   ~0008300

The Lightgem modifier is clamped to integer via idMath::ClampInt. That means that subtle changes to biasing won't show up easily. More study will be needed into whether making the result for lightgem modifier a float will be a feasible approach.

One more idea left... bias the movement var directly rather than invoking the crouch var as it's own stage in the process?


03.09.2016 22:51

administrator   ~0008301

The most straightforward solution would be to use integers if the player is moving. +1 if moving <= crouch speed, +2 if <= walk speed and +3 if > walk speed. That way the effect would be most noticeable at low light levels, which is more realistic.

I don't know that tinkering with key mechanics is a good idea at this point though.

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