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0003724The Dark ModSaving/Loadingpublic17.01.2019 12:46
ReporterJBERT Assigned To 
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OSLinux debian (amd64) 
Product VersionTDM 2.01 
Summary0003724: Keymap
DescriptionI use darkmod on Linux debian (testing/amd64) with a french keyboard. First time I load a new mission from scratch, all controls are mapped to french keyboard. If I save the game and restart darkmod, when I try to reload the game, I have to redefine all control keys as default keyboard switches back to english layout.
Steps To ReproduceStart darkmod with a localized keyboard.
Load a mission.
Save game.
Restart darkmod.
Reload game.
-> layout is now in english by default.
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related to 0004963 resolvedcabalistic Some keys cannot be assigned on Linux 



28.03.2018 10:49


@nbohr1more, who is currently looking into linux issues atm..?

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