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0003768The Dark ModSound Systempublic19.08.2017 20:47
ReporterRJFerret Assigned Tograyman  
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
PlatformPCOSWindowsOS Version7
Product VersionTDM 2.02 
Target VersionTDM 2.03Fixed in VersionTDM 2.03 
Summary0003768: 2.02 sound difficulty breaks few maps at start player drop
DescriptionWith the new 2.02 Sound Difficulty set to "Hardcore" or "Challenging", the sound caused by the player start dropping into the map alerts AI. In Hardcore, it causes them to fully alert and attack the player, preventing the map from being able to be run without workarounds. In Challenging, it alerts AI.

I checked about twenty maps (alphabetically, skipping a couple puzzle maps) and three were affected.
Steps To Reproduce1. Set Sound Difficulty to Hardcore (or Challenging).
2. Load Beleaguered Fence, Alchemist or Betrayal.
3. Start map.
4. Observe attacking AI (or alerted if set to Challenging).
Additional InformationWorkarounds include using "notarget" before clicking to start the map, or changing settings to lower, starting the map, then changing the settings back to Hardcore.
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related to 0004609 resolvedgrayman Beleaguered Fence AI alerted again at map start 




30.06.2014 20:08

viewer   ~0006692

What do you think should change?

To many people, Alchemist was always "run!" anyway.


30.06.2014 20:39

reporter   ~0006696

Well in "Beleaguered" at least, it means an inability to play the mission, depending which tools were unknowingly purchased before starting.

Springheel suggested perhaps instituting a delay in the forum thread on this.

Depending what is easiest/least ramifications, either an outright delay, or ramp in the setting from default, cheesy would be a notification if those settings are chosen that it might break some maps; but I don't know what the options are, my ignorance precludes offering an optimal solution. Or would it be easier/reasonable for that initial drop sound from player start not propagate to AI?

Of course, the other solution is to ask for the affected maps to be changed, to either have the player start on ground, change the surface underfoot (which if surface material volumes are changed again in the future...), or move the nearby AI to accommodate the 2.01->2.02 change and return those maps back to playing how they were designed.

PS: Oh! Of course it might be possible a lower setting might alter the game-play of the maps but not break them. For instance, Challenging in "Beleaguered" alerts AI, affecting the game-play, but at least allows running the map.

However it would be very time consuming to determine all the maps broken in this condition, figure out the maximum setting that works for the worst of them, then scale the difficulty values accordingly.


21.07.2014 15:49

viewer   ~0006770

Don’t allow sounds to propagate in the first 60 frames (one second).

Rev. 6069:



21.07.2014 15:52

viewer   ~0006771

While 60 frames might seem a long time, the beginning of Beleaguered Fence is filled with ragdolls dropping in the jail cells. This upsets the jailer who's walking around down there, and he starts the mission searching around.

I wanted to test Heart, because that seems to be the longest player drop at any mission's start. But Heart crashed. I filed a new tracker issue for it.

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