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0003769The Dark ModFeature proposalpublic15.02.2017 04:39
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PlatformPCOSWindowsOS Version7
Product VersionTDM 2.01 
Summary0003769: Add toggling stop/start to func_pendulum and func_bobbing
DescriptionThe other func_... movers respond to being triggered, either by toggling their on/off state, or changing direction (see _rotating, _shaking, _riser).

It would be useful if func_pendulum and func_bobbing could be triggered on/off as well.

Steps To Reproduce1. Observe func_rotating, _shaking or _riser respond to being triggered by either stopping or reversing direction, as specified in their descriptions in DR.
2. Observe _pendulum and _bobbing lack such ability.
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03.07.2014 19:52

reporter   ~0006697

When/if this gets looked at in the code, here's some feature creep to consider too, adding a spawnarg (defaulting to off) that would enable stopping at the peak of a swing (pendulum) or rise/fall (bobbing).

So in typical usage, the item would freeze instantly wherever it is, but with "stopdelay" or "triggeredend" set to 1 (or "stop_on_trigger" set to 0, since those words indicate an immediacy), it would instead carry on until it reached the extreme of it's swing or bob.

This is total feature creep, not suggested in the forum posts relating to this, just a consideration if it's not a bunch of extra work to implement (IE, doesn't take much longer than implementing the main request does).


04.07.2014 16:23

reporter   ~0006698

I started to type out the same question before seeing your new note above. I'd call that desirable creep FWIW. If users end up having to use scripts to get the behaviour they need, that's a bit of a fail at the design stage.

My suggestions were: stop it wherever it happens to be, presumably restarting it with the same velocity; and stop it in the *middle* of the movement, so for a pendulum that'd be when it is pointing straight down. Thinking that for a genuine pendulum when it's at rest it should point down. Both of those would mean that when it restarts it kicks off unnaturally with no acceleration. Your option of stopping it at the end of the swing would be more natural as that's where it has zero velocity. I agree that'd make a better default. It's also the behaviour I hoped/thought was already in place.

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