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0003773The Dark ModFeature proposalpublic26.02.2021 08:56
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Product VersionTDM 2.02 
Summary0003773: Add Player Ability to Push AI
DescriptionYou can't push AI.

It would be nice if you could.

Deserves some research to see how difficult it would be, and how it might affect gameplay.
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12.07.2014 13:10

administrator   ~0006712

One thing that will have to be considered is what happens if players push AI into monsterclip. Mappers often monsterclip the edges of precipices to keep AI from accidently walking off, but what happens if players try to push AI off that same edge?


21.01.2016 15:10

administrator   ~0008028

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One thing that occurred to me is that if an AI is pushed off a ledge and falls far enough to take damage but not far enough to go into ragdoll mode, they could play a pain or failed KO animation when landing. There are a few that have the AI stumble forward with arms out to balance himself, which might look decent for a "landing" animation.

Other info: "BTW, I tested trying to push AI while holding an object and it doesn't work. So there's really no mechanism right now for the player to knock AI off ledges."



21.01.2016 20:46

administrator   ~0008029

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I wouldn't expect you to be able to push an AI with an object, because of the solution to 3516.



25.01.2016 13:55

administrator   ~0008032

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I wonder if you can push AI in vanilla D3? Should load up the intro level and see if you can push the neutral AI. I can't remember if it was something that we removed.

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