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0003826The Dark ModCodingpublic31.08.2022 14:48
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Product VersionTDM 2.02 
Summary0003826: shadows blink briefly when torch turns on
DescriptionWhen a gothic_walltorch (and possible others?) is turned on, the shadow of the torch briefly blink and then vanish.

It looks like the code that turns the shadow off does run a frame later than the code that turns the light on. Maybe the pause between "turn shadow off" and "turn light on" needs to be a bit longer.

It doesn't always happen and sometimes it is very brief. Might only be visible on slow systems.
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05.10.2014 11:12

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Basically this bug report is the opposite of 0003840 - 3840 says the shadow comes on too late, while this bug says the shadow gets turned off to late.

3840 cannot be easily fixed - if the shadow is turned on too early, the holders will cast briefly huge shadows. An exception might be made for blend lights, and we also might have a different delay for candles and torches.

This bug says that if the shadow is turned off too late, it also casts a huge shadow. The events are as follows:

 light on => light off, pause, shadow on
 light off => shadow off, pause, light on

The pause in both cases is defined by constants in tdm_lights.script:

// When a shadow is switched on/off, this delays the switch by so many ms:


28.03.2018 09:54


@stgatilov, is this and the link track still an issue..?

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