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0003880DarkRadiantGUIpublic07.07.2015 09:26
Reportergreebo Assigned Togreebo  
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Product Version2.0.0 
Target Version2.0.1Fixed in Version2.0.1 
Summary0003880: TreeView can sometimes hold bad selection references
DescriptionAn assertion this is possible when a replacement treemodel is associated to the view. The wxDataView::AssociateModel implementation does not fire a cleared event when a new non-NULL model is associated to it - this may leave stale selection pointers in the wxDataViewMainWindow backend.

Asssociating a NULL model is safe. Calling associate twice with the same model does not lead to a crash, but a new redundant notifier is attached to the model (number of notifier count increases with each AssociateModel call). Calling AssociateModel with a new replacement model on a treeview that already had a model associated may lead to a crash when calling GetSelection() afterwards and the user had something selected beforehand ("invalid item in selection - bad internal state").
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17.10.2014 05:48

administrator   ~0007073

Additional code added which should prevent further crashes. It might still be possible that internal notifiers are stacking up in the wxDataViewModel.

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