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0000389DarkRadiantMap Editingpublic01.01.2017 18:09
ReporterSneaksieDave Assigned Togreebo  
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Product Version0.9.2 
Target Version2.0.4Fixed in Version2.0.4 
Summary0000389: Find and replace textures ignores texture alignment
DescriptionI've just had to use find and replace for the first real time and discovered that all of my texture alignment (flip, rotation, coords) is lost. Ouch.

(only a problem for the sake of reporting -- I'll just do a basic notepad S&R after this)
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related to 0004138 closedgreebo DR changes horizontal and vertical scaling when it shouldn't, wreaking havoc 




23.10.2007 20:45

administrator   ~0000800

Really? I'd have to check the code, but I think a shadername-only replacement is actually what the code is doing as well. Maybe there are problems with differently scaled textures? This might be worth investigating, which shaders have been replaced by what?


23.10.2007 21:03

reporter   ~0000801

Last edited: 23.10.2007 21:06

When I ran into this at home, I was using the same exact texture (now on SVN as door/wood/arched_heavy01), but with a different name. Basically I worked it up with a local/nonsense name, then, when I was ready to commit it, I gave it the official name and created an official material entry. I then "break" the nonsense name intentionally, and do a swap, as one final test of "is this package ready to submit to SVN?" (i.e., if the new material def works in the editor and Doom, then I haven't forgotten anything). When I tried DR's Find & Replace, swapping the nonsense name for the real name, it gave me bad orientation (it was flipped back to normal, and scaled way up). From notepad when I tried the same, it was a perfect 1:1 exchange, so something must be weird somewhere.



23.10.2007 21:14

administrator   ~0000802

So, when the map was loaded, the nonsensical shader was already gone and the blue/black "shader not found" was displayed, before you ran the Find&Replace routine?


24.10.2007 15:24

reporter   ~0000803

Yep it was, but the scaling was still applied. The "Shader Not Found" image was fit nicely on the brushes in question. In fact, the orientation must have been saved, because the notepad S&R worked perfectly.


18.02.2016 11:32

administrator   ~0008043

Issue should be gone in fd1a004071eb1413b2336e2f36c3cd3ecb687b6f

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