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0003910DarkRadiantGUIpublic07.07.2015 09:26
ReporterSteveL Assigned Togreebo  
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Product Version2.0.0 
Target Version2.0.1Fixed in Version2.0.1 
Summary0003910: Light inspector copies textures from one light to another
DescriptionThe light inspector remembers the most recent texture that it saw on any light, and copies it to any other light if that light has no texture specified. It happens only to lights without a texture, and only if you make a change (but unrelated changes will do).

Steps To Reproduce- Create 2 lights in an empty map.

- Select light 1 and open the light inspector and the entity inspector. Click on a texture for light 1. Note the new "texture" spawnarg appears immediately in the entity inspector.

- Close light inspector and deselect light 1

- Select light 2 and open light inspector

- Click on "parallel" or color or any other setting, and note that two spawnargs appear for light 2 in the entity inspector: the option you chose, plus the texture you gave to light 1.
Additional InformationThis also works with lights that have their texture defined in a .def file like ambient world. You don't have to set any texture in the light inspector. If you open light inspector with a textured light, then select a light without a texture, any change at all in the light inspector will write the last-seen texture to the new light.
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14.11.2014 17:21

administrator   ~0007123

Fixed in 004106839d756187d2a007e712fb9c8ff45c8fe7

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