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0003950The Dark ModGraphicspublic01.02.2020 05:01
ReporterSteveL Assigned ToSteveL  
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Product VersionTDM 2.03 
Target VersionTDM 2.03Fixed in VersionTDM 2.03 
Summary0003950: Let particle effects use world axis instead of emitter axis
DescriptionParticle offsets and angles are calculated from the emitter's axis. The exception is gravity, which comes with a "WorldGravity" keyword that lets the effect of gravity pull particles in the correct upward direction even if the emitter falls on its side (think candle flames and smoke rising). That's enough for candle flames and puffy smoke because they are made up of layers of shapeless blobs that all come from the same origin, but if we want more detailed particle effects, we need more control. Wispy smoke is the case on hand: we want to use a multi-stage particle and have the second stage appear above the emitter origin even if the candle is at an angle.
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related to 0003962 resolvedSteveL Allow scripts to use the World particle system 




05.12.2014 19:30

developer   ~0007208

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For 2.03 I'll add a WorldAxis keyword that applies to the particle offset, so its direction of travel and spawning offset will be calculated right.

We can decide later whether to extend the WorldAxis keyword to the quad rotation too.



05.12.2014 19:54

developer   ~0007209

WorldAxis added, plus added to the new candle smoke effect for testing.

Modified: framework\DeclParticle.cpp
Modified: framework\DeclParticle.h
Modified: renderer\Model_prt.cpp
Completed: At revision: 6341

Applied new keyword to the new candle smoke particle at rev 14119

New engine build at rev 14120


08.12.2014 20:38

developer   ~0007227

Moved the WorldAxis code from Model_prt.cpp to DeclParticle.cpp in 0003962 now that I know that Model_prt is only 1 way of using the particle system.

(Although the World particle system won't need it, it's still right to have the keyword implemented in the library not one implementation of that library).


09.12.2014 02:21

administrator   ~0007229

Is there anything that needs to be added to DarkRadiant's Particle Editor?


10.12.2014 18:18

developer   ~0007234

WorldAxis is a new keyword for particle stages that affects the offset and the path. Probably the most natural place to put it would be alongside Offset on the Distribution panel.

I didn't mention it yet as I hope to add more in 2.04, when I've read up on what other games have done with particles.

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