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0004003DarkRadiantMap Editingpublic07.07.2015 09:26
Reportergreebo Assigned Togreebo  
PrioritynormalSeveritynormalReproducibilityhave not tried
Status closedResolutionfixed 
Product Version2.0.1 
Target Version2.0.2Fixed in Version2.0.2 
Summary0004003: Crash in FaceInstance::selectedChanged (debug build) due to invalid callback
DescriptionWhen a selected face instance is deleted, it seems the selectedChanged callback (which should lead to the owning BrushNode) is invalid by the time it's about to be invoked, possibly due to wrong member destruction order.
Steps To Reproduce- Run a debug build
- Create a brush
- Split it using the Clipper
- Deselect
- Ctrl-Shift-LMB to select a face
- Hit Undo
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02.01.2015 17:48

administrator   ~0007295

In release builds there's no crash, but the face instance selection is dangling and leads to weird behaviour with the ESC key not working properly anymore.

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