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0004033The Dark ModAIpublic24.11.2017 16:42
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Product VersionTDM 2.03 
Summary0004033: Drop doused torch when coming down from combat state
DescriptionWhen an AI's torch is doused while he's in combat state, he won't drop it because doing so will interfere with combat or chasing the enemy.

But when he drops out of combat state, he should drop a doused torch.
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15.09.2015 03:14

administrator   ~0007784

Tested with bug2603, which has some torch-carrying AI. Doused a couple torches during combat, then I went notarget and they dropped their torches as soon as they dropped out of Combat.

Maybe it has something to do with LOS from the AI's eyes to the doused torch light, or whether they're blind in one eye or wearing a sight-constricting helmet, but I can't find anything in the code to support that.

Come back to this later when you can test with helmeted and blind in one eye AI.

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