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0004131DarkRadiantMap Editingpublic28.03.2018 09:32
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Product Version2.0.2 
Summary0004131: Off grid after repeated rotation or flipping
DescriptionWhen rotating or flipping brushes multiple times, they move off the grid. As far as I know it doesn't happen for "square" brushes, but any brushes with non-straight angles, like a triangle and so on.
Steps To Reproduce1: Create a new brush, 256x256x256

2: Use the clipper tool and make it into e.g. a triangle seen from above.

3: Click the rotate X\Y\Z buttons OR the flip buttons repeatedly.

The position will change to e.g. 256.001. It also gets values like 255.999 and so on. If you continue rotating\flipping it moves further and further off grid. (.002, .003, etc..)
Additional InformationApplies to 1.8x versions as well, and the newest one, probably all the ones in between as well.
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05.04.2015 04:47


G9Atfy9.png (8,177 bytes)   
G9Atfy9.png (8,177 bytes)   


28.03.2018 09:31


This only happens with func_static's, if item or object being rotated is world_spawn it is not effected.

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